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Supernatural Crossover Big Bang

I am happy to present sncross_bigbang!!!!

It is a Supernatural Crossover Big Bang challenge. Click on the banner and take the time to check it out and see if you would like to sign up as an Author or Artist

Supernatural/Heroes Challenge

Given the new theme of the season 3 of Heroes and even the theme of season 4 of Supernatural spn_heroes is hosting a challenge to match.

Heroes vs. Villains Challenge. Choose a side!!!
Hey guys!  :)  It's been kind of quiet around here lately what with both Supernatural and Heroes on hiatus.  Two sketches i did.  One's fluffy and one's kind of NSFW.  No... sensitive body parts but like... it's a little kinky.  I was thinking about the merits of Demon!Sam and Future!Peter today.  Let's just say that in my brain there was a lot of leather.  And biting.  And yeah... >:)  I ended up settling for a chain...


Since it IS Sam Winchester's birthday... i bring you poorly done fanart.  Slighty NSFW for implied buttsecksing.  :)

Crack Art

Yeah... If you're not sure what an "Australian kiss" is ... it's explained in the description of the pic.  I don't even know how i came up with this one except one day we were all really tired and grumpy in my lab class and yeah... delirium ensued and someone mentioned a guy using that pick-up line on her.  x)

Peter+Sam: Australian Kissed
by ~There1sNoSp00n on deviantART

Pardon my crack.  x)

"Scars are souvenirs you never lose"

I drew this awhile ago... based off of this gorgeous piece: [LINK] which is by the way NSFW  And so neither is the one being posted under the cut.  x)

HI! *waves*

I think that when i'm stressed out i think EXCESSIVELY about Peter/Sam.  Murrr... i want to compile a fanmix for them.  I've already gotten a couple of songs, but then i have to listen to each song i THINK will work for them carefully and make sure it doesn't have the words that pertain to loves of the female persuasion unless you can explain it away.  :x  It dissolves the ambiance i try to create.  xP  Like... "The Best I Ever Had" by Vertical Horizon was PERFECT up until the part where he said "Remembering the girl who leaves me down and lonely"... :\


FIC: "Uses of an Impala"

Title: "Uses of an Impala"
Author:  hidden_easel
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Supernatural and Heroes belongs to their respectives, not me... jussst borrowing.
Summary:  Sam and Peter snag the Impala for a little down time.

Written for: thereisnosp00n (but she's already read it and is waiting for more)

Kind of a fluffy story when it could have been really damn hot...
If anyone wants to write the deleted scene... PLEASE have at it!