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FIC: "Uses of an Impala"

Title: "Uses of an Impala"
Author:  hidden_easel
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Supernatural and Heroes belongs to their respectives, not me... jussst borrowing.
Summary:  Sam and Peter snag the Impala for a little down time.

Written for: thereisnosp00n (but she's already read it and is waiting for more)


“You sure you want to do this? He’s gonna be pretty mad you know…”

“We’re just gonna take it for a few hours. He won’t even notice, I swear!”


“Ok? Good…RUN!!!”

“Wha—hey!” Peter was grabbed around the waist and was forced forward as Sam gathered him and ran towards the Black 1967 Chevy Impala.

“Hurry get in!” Sam opened the passenger side door and gestured Peter in then ran around the car and got behind the wheel.

“SAAAAAMMMMM!!!!” Dean screamed barreling out of the motel room and running towards his car.

“Shit.” Sam said simply and started the car.

“You sure about this Sammy? He looks lik—oh shit he has a gun…” Peter said slightly panicked after seeing Dean approach them with a shot gun.

“Oh yeah…I’m sure…” Sam said smiling at Peter and peeling out of the parking lot.

Peter turned around in his seat and watched as Dean’s figure got smaller and smaller as they drove down the deserted road.

“He’s gonna kill us… or you at least. Then again this kinda makes me an accomplice...” Peter thought as he sat back down in his seat rightfully.

“Oh don’t worry about him… he’ll get over it.” Sam said finally relaxing in his seat after taking a turn at a red light and going through the small town.

“Right… So, what’s with the sudden escape anyways?” Peter asked turning towards Sam.

Sam’s face broke out in a devious smile and his eyes watched Peter as he remained facing forward.

His demeanor changed suddenly into mock shock as he spoke.

“Why Peter, whatever do you mean?” He asked lightly

“Oh come on Sammy… you grab me and then randomly steal your brother’s car. I’m pretty sure you have something planned.” Peter asked cocking an eyebrow at the man next to him a small smile on his lips.

“I just thought a drive would be nice…” Sam said not disguising the giant smile on his face.

“And…” Peter pushed

Sam glances at Peter.

“Such a push-over!” Sam says laughing as his smile wavered slightly

Peter glares at him lightly.

“And… I thought we could have… an umm… picnic?” Sam said blushing a deep red, and concentrating a little more on the road.

Peter looked at Sam in slight shock and a slightly crooked smile lit his face.

“You want to have a picnic?” Peter asked his voice slightly hesitant at the end.

“Yeah… ummm never mind. It was a stupid idea.” Sam laughed uncomfortably and his eyes became slightly nervous darting across the road in front of him. Never looking at the beautiful man next to him.

“No, no… It’s not a stupid idea. I think it’s a great idea Sammy.” Peter said and reached his hand over the bench seat grasping Sam’s underneath his.

“I think a picnic would be amazing.” Peter said staring at Sam.

Sam swallowed hard and took his eyes off the road to watch Peter.

“Amazing?” Sam asked nervously

“Amazing…” Peter confirmed and slide over the seat towards the taller man a little.

Sam grinned like an idiot and simply said “Awesome” as he accelerated grasping the hand over his.


“Ok… we’re here.” Sam said shifting the Impala to park and leaning beck in his seat, Peter’s hand still over his.

Peter stretched his legs farther underneath the dashboard and popped his neck to the left to look at Sam.

“Yup, here we are… where is here exactly?” Peter asked turning towards the other man.

“Oh, well I have no clue, but this as good as anywhere else. Come on, I gotta grab some things out of the back.” Sam said as he squeezed Peter’s hand and opened the car’s wide door and exited.

Peter blushed slightly as he scooted back over the wide seat to get out through his door.

Walking to the front of the muscle car Peter leaned against the car’s bumper as he took in exactly where Sam had driven them.

It was actually kind of breath taking he admitted to himself as he looked beyond the slight cliff down into a small forest below.

The sun was just beginning to set and the clouds were lined as red and orange waves across the sky.

Glancing behind him he noticed that the foliage from below actually ran up the cliff and was slightly surrounding them in secrecy.

Sliding down the front of the car, Peter sat cross-legged in the soft grass with his back against the Kansas license plate.

A content sigh escaped him as he reclined.

Resting for a few moments Peter was about to get up to help Sam when he heard him speak from directly above him.

“Don’t look.” Sam said simply as he retreated back to the car and after gathering a bundle walked to front of the car again.

Peter’s breath caught slightly at Sam’s stealth and closed his eyes again as the wind blew quietly.

He heard Sam shuffling around for another minute or two and then he felt one of Sam’s large hands grasp his own seemingly smaller left hand and held it.

Peter opened his eyes and was shocked to see that Sam was sitting identically next to him and staring deeply towards him.

He began blushing as Sam pushed his bangs behind his ear, where they promptly swung back to rest over his right eye.

Sam laughed quietly as Peter began blowing his hair out of his face and not succeeding.

“Don’t bother your cute either way.” Sam laughed and pushed his own hair flat in front of his eyes and glanced at Peter from underneath a chestnut fall of his own long locks.

Peter shuffled closer to Sam slightly resting on his torso, and held his hand in a firm comfortable grip across his leg.

Sam’s face broke into a giant smile as he reclined as well with Peter leaning against him.

“This is really nice Sammy…” Peter said as they watched the sky become a deeper orange.

“Yeah, well I’ve been thinking about doing something like this for a while now.” Sam said resting his chin lightly on Peter’s head.

“Really?” Peter asked raising his head to become face to face with Sam.

“You know you really like confirmation don’t you? Yes, I really wanted to spend time alone with you Peter.” Sam said calmly while internally he felt like the butterflies in his stomach had started spontaneously combusting.

Peter blushed deeply and rested against Sam again.

Several minutes passed and neither of them wanted to move as the sky became darker.

“So a picnic you say?” Peter spoke randomly as if they were already in the middle of a conversation.

Sam’s chest vibrated against Peter as he laughed.

“Yes, a picnic I do say.” Sam said as he began shuffling to get up.

Peter leaned over to roll off of Sam and stood at his normal height alongside him.

He turned around and saw that Sam had draped a sheet over the Impala’s massive hood and was adorned with a plate of Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches, another plate of cheese cubes, and a bottle of reasonable wine.

“You made PB&J as a romantic dinner?” Peter chortled yet deeply flattered

“Hey, those sandwiches were made with love!” Sam countered grabbing a sandwich and taking a rather large bite and passed Peter his own.

Reaching over he began uncorking the wine and dispersing the bubbly.

Peter laughed and sat lightly on the car’s hood alongside Sam as they both ate quietly laughing randomly at the other when the jelly ran and landed on Peter’s leg or the peanut butter stuck to Sam’s chin.

“Wait.” Peter said and lightly grasped Sam’s chin in his hand

“You got a little--” Peter gestured at the peanut butter

Sam cocked an eyebrow at Peter who scooted further towards him on the hood.

Peter’s hand had dropped his chin and was now resting on Sam’s knee

Sam’s eyes went wide as Peter leaned in towards him slowly to Sam’s ear.

“Peanut butter…” he whispered as he licked his thumb and ran it across Sam’s chin, removing the sticky substance.

Leaning away from Sam, Peter outstretched one of his arms to support him while he licked the spread off his thumb.

Sam stared at Peter with wide eyes and swallowed hard as he shuffled slightly on the car.

“You are such a tease!!!” Sam said, blushing the deepest red and coughing lightly


When the sandwiches were gone Sam grabbed the plate of cheese cubes and dropped a few into Peter’s outstretched hand, and took another sip of the wine.

“You know, this has got to be the most wonderful spontaneous PB&J and cheese cube picnic I’ve ever had.” Peter said as he began tossing the cubes lightly into the air and catching them in his mouth.

“You’ve had others?” Sam asked with mock surprise as he too began throwing cheese and catching it in his mouth.

“Shut up Sammy.” Peter said throwing cheese in Sam’s hair and leaning towards him again.


Two Hours and two very happy passengers later….

“Well… we’re back!” Sam said as he parked in front of the motel the two brothers and Peter were staying at temporarily.

“You think Dean is going to be pissed?” Peter asked watching the front door.

“Well there are a number of things for Dean to be pissed off about, but if you were talking about, well you and me… I’d say he’s a good big brother when it comes to understanding some things.” Sam said proudly


The front door burst open and a very very pissed off looking Dean Winchester approached the car, shot gun once again in his hands.

Peter glanced at Sam with an unnerved look on his face

“…now if you were talking about me stealing his car… well that’s a whole different matter.”


Kind of a fluffy story when it could have been really damn hot...
If anyone wants to write the deleted scene... PLEASE have at it!


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Feb. 4th, 2008 06:38 am (UTC)
Poor Metallicar... i can barely imagine how much sex she has seen in her lifetime. xD

i still <3 this fluffy thing... hehehehehe. Wow... has it been that long since i've been obsessing over Peter/Sam? D:
Feb. 6th, 2010 03:29 am (UTC)
so i kind of adore this. It's so so sweet, and i was totally smiling the whole time lol.

So i'm just wondering if you'd be cool to let me write a sequel/companion/deleted scene/i'm really not sure what lol. I haven't thought about what EXACTLY it is that I want to write, but you can bet it will get dirty *innocent face*. lol. So just hit me back if you're cool with that.
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